COM’on Winamp

COM’on Winamp is an application which allows you to use one ore more simple buttonpads attached to the COM ports of your computer for controlling Winamp 2.x and 5.x. For more information and a more generic dutch howto for the old program, look here. The development of this program is no longer continued, but the Delphi 5 source code is available for download.


Of course you need at least one free COM port, and some knowledge about electronic circuits. The electronic manual explains the rest. As for the software, you need a 32bit Windows version, and of course Winamp itself. I only tested the application with Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but it should work fine with the other Windows versions as well.


COM’on Winamp offers you a lot of nice features:
  • Up to 4 buttons can be connected to each COM port.
  • Up to 2 buttons can be used as a shift button, to assign more than one action to each button.
  • To each port one LED can be connected.
  • Should work in Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000/XP.
  • Hold-function. Hold a button down to play, pause or stop.

Download & install

You can download the application below. The program comes with a complete online manual about the construction of the buttonpad and the configuration of the program. To install the COM’on Winamp, simply extract the zipfile and run cwsetup.exe. To uninstall the software, you can use the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel.
Version Description Download
Version 0.2 beta 07-04-2002 Latest version. The manual isn’t completed yet so I included the prevous version with this setup. You’ll probabely encounter some incorrect information. If a new manual is available, you’ll be able to download it here. English Setup (updated 07/04/2002 – 651 kB) Source Code (updated 09/02/2003 – 8815 kB)
Versie 0.1 beta 16-08-2001 This is the same version as the one that was previously listed here, it only has a different name because there’s a german version available now. The German translation was done by M.D. English Setup (updated 16/08/2001 – 1227 kB) German Setup (updated 16/08/2001 – 1170 kB) Source code (updated 08/01/2001 – 6103 kB)

Features I once thought of…

The following new features would have been available in any newer versions, if I would have developed one…:
  • New manual, with better buttonpad guide and more examples.
  • Customizable control functions: You can create new control functions and assign a commandline to it.
  • Extended configuration dialog. I had to support the new features here too. 😉

Known bugs

At this time, the following bugs have been found and will be fixed in a future version. If you find any other bug, let me know how to reproduce it and I’ll try to fix it. Until it has been fixed, it will be listed here. Please check if the bug you found isn’t already listed here, before sending me a bug report.
  • Dubbelclick on systray icon can cause an error in some Windows 95/98/Me installations (+crash of the programm).
  • In some Windows NT/2000 configurations the settings aren’t saved (v0.1 beta). This registry file might fix the problem.

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